Our Story

The man to thank for starting up these beautiful vacation homes is Ken Tellstrom. Relocated from the city of South Side Chicago, he came to pursue athletic opportunities and the token “Cali lifestyle.” When He heard about this place called “Shasta Lake” in Northern California, He was drawn to it like a magnet. While living in SoCal, He learned that this Shasta Lake was the mecca of lakes on the Western side of the United States. He left SoCal to come to Shasta Lake which had every season of the year. On this lake, He found his passion for wakeboarding, eventually achieving the World Championship.

Later on, he found himself starting up his own wakeboarding school on Shasta Lake called Xtreme Wakeboarding, where he got to teach and share his passion with kids for 11 years. Sponsored by Air Natique, Vans, Spy, Oakley, O’Neil, Fox, and Quicksilver, He found his dreams becoming a reality. All unto God and dedication to not give in or give up.

Taking in all the beauty around him, He saw an opportunity to not harbor this gorgeous place to himself and decided to turn the 2 homes and property into a beautiful vacation destination. So what makes these homes so special? 140 private acres with 30,000 acres land locked of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, of unencumbered land, full of scenic views and wildlife in abundance, this place is truly unmatched. In the silence and serenity of the forest, you are easily lured into unwinding and reconnecting with God. Families, friends, pastors, celebrities, movie directors, couples and more from all over the world have come to see what we have to offer, and have all left with lasting memories and stories for a lifetime.